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Hi everyone , this is the bit where I get to tell you a little bit more about my life on and off the table.


Of course snooker is a massive part of everything and I wouldn't have it any other way, but there is quite a lot that I do or that I'm into that doesn't involve reds and blacks.


Away from the table, I really love my golf, playing and watching it. There was a time in my teens when I almost swapped to play golf full time instead of snooker but as I can't chip or putt that wouldn't have been a very good idea (haha!). I currently play off a 5 handicap and have been known to shoot the odd under-par score but generally mid 70s is my mark.


I'm also a keen pianist, although my repertoire isn't that big at the moment. Currently I can play a lot of Elton John and Beatles stuff with the odd classic thrown in, but it's something that I love and that has been in our family for a long time, so I feel like I'm carrying on a tradition.


When I'm not practising or competing I like to do all the same things as most people. I like spending time with my friends or family and I'm taking a big interest in two of my nephew's careers as they embark on their own snooker journey. Joshua Cooper and Ben Murphy - watch this space.


I'm a big Manchester United fan and follow their results all the time. Now that we have upwards of 30 events a year to play in, and the fact that I've relocated to Nottinghamshire sadly means my attendance at Old Trafford has gone down quite a lot, unfortunately - and I miss going to the games. Back in the days not so long ago when we only had a handful of snooker events I was at nearly every game, but hopefully there will be plenty of time for that when I hang up my cue.


I have really strong links to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity and do as much as my playing schedule allows me to in supporting them. One of the ways I try to help RMCH is by giving £100 every time I make a 100 break. This always adds that little bit of extra pressure towards the end of a big break but it's really important to me. They've been a big part in our family for a number of years now since a relative of mine was born very poorly and has spent much of her life in and out ofᅠ the wards there.


Practising my snooker does take up the majority of my time between events but I think that's the same with any sports person. People are always surprised by how much time we spend working on our games but its only the same as a footballer has to train every day or a golfer, who can be out there til it goes dark working on something. Lee Trevino once said that if it were light outside then there were golf balls to be hit. At least in snooker bad light never stops play.


Since June 2013 I've been using a new cue made for me by John Parris. It's a 58 inch one piece ash cue with plain black ebony splicing on the butt. It's 8.75mm at the tip end and generally I use firm Elk Master tips and it weighs in at 17.25 ounces. Pretty light by today's standards but that's just what I'm used to. My old cue that I'd used from being 15 was almost identical to this and I guess over the years I just got used to it.


I think that's about it. Anything you'd like to know please feel free to get in touch and I'll do my best to reply asap.


All the best,

“I try to strike a chord with the people that i speak to - stimulate them into finding their own reasons for connecting with what i’m saying”


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Shaun Murphy’s friendly and intelligent approach to snooker has won him many fans. It has also meant that he has become a popular booking away from the table as he outlines here.




I’ve always been interested in fulfilling my potential in my profession — and as a person. So, I’ve attended plenty of events about high-level performance and winning mindsets. They are areas that I find fascinating and many of the points raised apply just as much to business as they do in sport.

Being on the receiving end of keynote speeches has helped shape my own thoughts on what makes for successful and engaging presentation. Now, I enjoy giving talks that hopefully inspire and motivate others. I don’t try and over-complicate things — after all, I’m a snooker player by profession.What I try to do is strike a chord with the people that I speak to, stimulate people into finding their own reasons for connecting with what I’m saying.

What I offer are the stories and experience that I’ve been through in my career. But I believe there are key ingredients that have helped me achieve as a snooker player that can do likewise for people in all aspects of life. I don’t know if I have a style, as such. I just try and present myself consistently to every person that I encounter.

It’s long been a tradition that snooker players have given exhibitions, whether against another professional or competing with celebrities or club members — and I’m happy doing any of the above.

I always try and give my best on behalf of whoever has engaged me and to entertain those who are attending. Whether it be a clinic on behalf of a tournament sponsor or an exhibition at a snooker hall or a unique setting — and I’ve done them in some strange places, including a horse auction ring(!) — I give it my best shot, no matter what the situation. I find that each player has his own slightly different style; whatever he feels comfortable with.

For me, that means an easy-going, go-with-the-flow approach. I encourage chatting with the audience or discussing topics with sponsors and their guests. I hope that I come across to folk as fun and happy to converse.

I like to think I have an active mind and lots of things interest me. I find the media world fascinating and particularly enjoyed contributing to a sports news show on BBC Radio 5Live.

I've also been fortunate enough to be a guest on A Question of Sport on several occasions, as well as appearing on Pointless. I'm intrigued by the rise of social media and you might want to check out some of my thoughts on @Magician 147.

In the summer, I'm lucky enough to play at several golf days. If your business or society would like me to turn up with my clubs, diary permitting, chances are I'd love to. Please drop us an email and we'll see what we can do...



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