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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hi everyone,

Wow, I'm so relieved to be through against Marco. He's such a class player and our games are always very difficult. After our match in The Masters in January I knew just what to expect. He's beaten me many times before and I think maybe the biggest difference in the match was that lady luck was on my side a little bit more than Marco's. 

Particularly in the last session, last night, in the first few frames I got away with quite a lot of mistakes, which I didn't deserve to when Marco had played better shots than me. But I guess that's part of snooker and one of the reasons so many people tune in to see the drama unfold.

Looking ahead to my next match starting today against Ronnie, well what can I say? It's really simple, play your best and you might have a chance. And even then, as he showed in the previous match when pushed, he produced two wonderful century breaks to fly over the line - so who knows what's going to happen? 

He'll be heavy favourite to win the match as he is to win the whole tournament and rightly so. But I can't really get involved in all that. All I can do is go out there and try to play my normal game. 

Playing Ronnie is the snooker equivalent of playing golf with Tiger Woods. There's always so much more happening around the match that could potentially take your focus away from trying to put those little balls in the holes - you can be way behind before you realise where you are. 

So my job is to go out there and enjoy myself. See the whole experience as a challenge and see what happens. Playing Ronnie at the Crucible in the World Championship, this is it for snooker players. Whatever happens it'll be a great match.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the game.

All the best, Shaun.

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