Birthplace: Harlow

Birthdate: August 10, 1982

Turned pro: 1998

Highest Tournament break: 147, on five occasions


2000:  Benson and Hedges Championship

2005:  World Championship

2007:  Malta Cup

2008: UK Championship, Malta Cup, Paul Hunter Classic

2009: Premier League winner, Paul Hunter Classic, World Series Grand Final

2011:  PTC Players Tour Championship Finals

2014: Gdynia Open, Haikou World Open, Victoria Bulgarian Open, Kreativ Dental Ruhr Open

2015: Dafabet Masters

2016: World Grand Prix

2017: Gibraltar Open, 188BET Champion of Champions




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Championship League - Milton Keys September 16

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“SNOOKER IS MY PASSION. under the lights, on a stage when it matters,

it’s a thrill to compete

- an adrenalin rush”

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“I try to strike a chord with the people that i speak to - stimulate them into finding their own reasons for connecting with what i’m saying”


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Shaun Murphy’s friendly and intelligent approach to snooker has won him many fans. It has also meant that he has become a popular booking away from the table as he outlines here.




I’ve always been interested in fulfilling my potential in my profession — and as a person. So, I’ve attended plenty of events about high-level performance and winning mindsets. They are areas that I find fascinating and many of the points raised apply just as much to business as they do in sport.

Being on the receiving end of keynote speeches has helped shape my own thoughts on what makes for successful and engaging presentation. Now, I enjoy giving talks that hopefully inspire and motivate others. I don’t try and over-complicate things — after all, I’m a snooker player by profession. What I try to do is strike a chord with the people that I speak to, stimulate people into finding their own reasons for connecting with what I’m saying.

What I offer are the stories and experience that I’ve been through in my career. But I believe there are key ingredients that have helped me achieve as a snooker player that can do likewise for people in all aspects of life. I don’t know if I have a style, as such. I just try and present myself consistently to every person that I encounter.

It’s long been a tradition that snooker players have given exhibitions, whether against another professional or competing with celebrities or club members — and I’m happy doing any of the above.

I always try and give my best on behalf of whoever has engaged me and to entertain those who are attending. Whether it be a clinic on behalf of a tournament sponsor or an exhibition at a snooker hall or a unique setting — and I’ve done them in some strange places, including a horse auction ring(!) — I give it my best shot, no matter what the situation. I find that each player has his own slightly different style; whatever he feels comfortable with.

For me, that means an easy-going, go-with-the-flow approach. I encourage chatting with the audience or discussing topics with sponsors and their guests. I hope that I come across to folk as fun and happy to converse.

I like to think I have an active mind and lots of things interest me. I find the media world fascinating and particularly enjoyed contributing to a sports news show on BBC Radio 5Live.

I've also been fortunate enough to be a guest on A Question of Sport on several occasions, as well as appearing on Pointless. I'm intrigued by the rise of social media and you might want to check out some of my thoughts on @Magician 147.

In the summer, I'm lucky enough to play at several golf days. If your business or society would like me to turn up with my clubs, diary permitting, chances are I'd love to. Please drop us an email and we'll see what we can do...



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